St. Xavier's International School
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Admission open for 2020-2021

From the Chairman's Desk:

St.Xavier's International School is a thriving Engish Medium, Coeducational School, located near Sahadevkhunta, Balasore. Our school is set in attractive grounds with excellent facilities, and is centrally located in the City of Balasore.

Our uniqueness lies in the combination of our teaching methodology, dedicated and caring teachers and the flexibility to meet the needs of individual pupils. We provide a distinctly academic education that is tailored to the individual needs of each pupil. This is offered in the context of a broad curriculum which celebrates the arts, sports and extracurricular activities as much as academic achievement.

We need to consider the young people as they grow up. While we should recognise the achievements of those with the highest grades, we really must broaden our view of what success means for every individual. We all need to be successful, for ourselves and for the people around us. This is as much about what we do, as why we do it and how we can all thrive and contribute to society in the most positive way, this is when we will consider ourself as a successful Organization in imparting the true sense of education.